AI concern for calligrapher

Mar 04, 2024

This is my thought on how we, as calligraphers, prepare as we navigate the historical wave of AI.

The era of AI has arrived and it seems that’s what everyone is talking about nowadays.

The wave of AI technology doesn't only affect experts in technology or large businesses. It is already affecting almost everyone, whether they realize it or not, influencing how we work, how we make purchases, and how we interact with others. The scary thing is this is just beginning.

But what about calligraphers like us? I've heard many concerns about how AI will become more capable of creating art or calligraphy. Will we have to compete with AI professionally?

Perhaps! I can't predict how AI technology will unfold in the future. I am certainly not an expert on AI.


However, today I will share reasons why calligraphers or artists will still stand firm, for these two reasons.

One of the posts I saw recently was about how one calligrapher tried to test AI to write calligraphy words. It turns out the result was not that outstanding, which was certainly such a relief. She mentioned that we don’t have to worry about AI taking our jobs yet. That was certainly an encouraging post, I have to say.

But, AI’s inability to write at a master level should not be a reason for calligraphers or artists to dismiss their concerns. The day when AI surpasses us may come sooner or later.

Even when the day comes, artists will not be taken over by AI due to those two reasons.


Firstly, human artists will always be valued, not necessarily because human-created art will always be superior to AI's creations, but because the value of art lies in its human origin.

While AI may be able to produce technically flawless art, the true value of art is not solely based on its realism, perfection of lines, or even any artistic outcome although these are important factors. The most significant aspect of art is the artist themselves—the story, emotions, and experiences they convey through their work. These elements are priceless.

As the availability of AI-generated art increases, I believe the value of human art will correspondingly rise.


The second reason calligraphers and artists will continue to stand firm is because the essential benefits of art lie in the process of learning, not just in achieving mastery.

How many artists begin their journey with the sole aim of becoming a master? Probably not many. Achieving mastery is what comes after, not the purpose of starting the journey.

Usually, artists start learning and practicing inspired by the beauty of nature or the art form itself. Then, interest becomes a passion. But the joy as an artist is in the journey of learning, along with all the benefits such as mental remedy, increased focus, renewed creativity, and a sense of progress.

That being said, I believe the significance of documenting the process of producing art or the process of learning to become better at artistic skills will be highlighted.

That's because the story behind the art piece or interactions through the artistic process between humans will be more appreciated in the coming days.

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